Giving Back To Our Planet

FSC-certified packaging shows our commitment to conserving the planet.

Recyclable packaging to improve eco-friendliness.

Pledged to support wildlife conservation by initiating new projects with Sri Lankan authorities.

Our Thirst for Sustainability

We are a brand that strives unwaveringly to be genuine and honest in everything we do. We care about our planet and our colourful wildlife in Sri Lanka. We protect them by how we create our tea and we give back to ensure their longevity and safety through our strategic alliances.

Forest Conservation

The trademark of ‘Forest Stewardship Council’ found on the packs show our commitment towards protecting the environment. The FSC label guarantees certain environmental forest management standards. The trees that are harvested must be replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. The natural forests are not converted to tree farms. These requirements help to limit deforestation of rare and old-growth forests, and avoid disruption to wildlife. Genetically-modified trees are prohibited due to hazardous pesticides that are still being widely used in many non-certified forests. These chemicals can pollute waterways and harm animals and plants.

Recyclable Packaging

We use materials that are easily recyclable. Currently, 80% of materials used in our packaging are recyclable. We, together with our print partner, have used vegetable ink on all of our packing. We constantly engage in research to find ways to improve our eco-friendliness

Wildlife Conservation

Sri Lanka is one of the most biologically diverse countries in Asia. But sadly year on year, the population of our Sri Lankan Leopards, Elephants and Peacocks have been dwindling. The wildlife population has now decreased to half its size. Its habitats and ecosystems are destroyed at an unprecedented rate due to infrastructure development, deforestation and other human activity. Therefore, we have pledged to support the wildlife and forest conservation authorities in Sri Lanka, by initiating new projects around wildlife conservation in the country.