Why is Ceylon Tea the Best Tea in the World?

Why is Ceylon Tea the Best Tea in the World?

Enjoyed across the globe for over a century, Ceylon tea has proven itself to be the world’s finest tea. Our very own gift to the world; an experience that knows no geographic boundaries, it is savoured across the world, and is a hallmark staple of even Royalty. Never has there been a beverage that inspires a myriad of emotions as much as tea does.
A lush emerald island, rich and fertile, Sri Lanka grows the most flavoursome tea, deep golden and aromatic. Having been a British Colony, Ceylon (as it was formerly known) cultivated tea plantations high up in the misty mountains. It didn’t take long for our unique flavour to make a deep and lasting impression on the world and be found abundantly at famous hotels to households in every nook and corner.

Ceylon Tea gained the status of being the best tea in the world, and tea exports became the pillar of our Ceylonese colonial economy. It was universally recognised that the term Ceylon Tea guaranteed premium and highest quality tea inside the packaging, eventually making Ceylon the world’s largest exporter of tea. The inimitable level of quality attained by single-origin teas, along with its character and finesse, so prized by connoisseurs of pure Ceylon Tea can never be matched by other blends. This is why Truly Ceylon tea prides itself in being a Single Origin Tea - one of the many priceless secrets that make our tea so exquisite and aromatic.

The famous Lion of Ceylon logo is exclusively found in packages of pure Ceylon tea packed in Sri Lanka. The logo has a symbolic meaning and showcases the proud Lion of Ceylon, which also nobly decorates the national flag of Sri Lanka. It takes the best processes and most stringent standards to earn the right to display the logo on a Tea Brand.

The tea must be grown and manufactured entirely in Sri Lanka. It must consistently adhere to the highest standards set and laid out by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. It can never be blended with any teas sourced from anywhere else in the world. This is mandatory and any tea that is not 100% from Sri Lanka cannot be called Ceylon tea. All Tea packs must be packaged within Sri Lanka. It is these strict protocols that keep the purity and taste which is distinctive to any other tea in the world and makes it the most loved and sought-after tea in the world.

Truly Ceylon goes the extra mile to bring you the best of Ceylon tea, making life’s every occasion a special one. Our teas are well known for their diversity of character and richness of taste. A result of the unique climatic variations that exist across different regions of our island.

A distinctive phenomenon that gives the tea an individual character of flavour that is unique to its agro-climatic region. Ensuring the highest standards of quality requires the fresh tea leaf to be quickly processed and manufactured. That is why all our teas are processed within its own district using traditional manufacturing methods which have been deemed by experts to produce an end-product of the highest quality.